People smuggling: national security implications

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Graycar, Adam
Tailby, Rebecca
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The smuggling and trafficking of human beings has increased throughout the world, owing to the globalisation process and other factors. The problem is exacerbated in size and seriousness by the growing involvement of organised crime groups. The smuggling of migrants by these organised crime groups disrupts established immigration policies of destination countries and often involves human rights abuses. The large scale unregulated movement of migrants across borders is increasingly being recognised by governments as an issue with major security implications. At the European Union International Meeting in Paris in 2000, Australian Immigration Minister Philip Ruddock stated that "people smuggling represents a major threat to the international protection framework, national sovereignty and political stability". Threats to Australia's national sovereignty and political stability certainly represent threats to our nation's security.
Speech presented at Keswick Barracks, Adelaide, February 4, 2002, by Adam Graycar (Director), and Rebecca Tailby, Australian Institute of Criminology. This speech is made available under the CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0 license:
Human smuggling, Human trafficking, National security, Illegal immigrants, Human rights abuses, Criminal behaviour