Treatment for Condyloma Acuminatum with Graves’ disease

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Tang, Ning
Ji Luo, Nian
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Scholars Academic and Scientific Publishers
A rare case of external genital condylomata acuminatum with Graves’ disease was reported. The cauliflower warts were observed on glans penis and foreskin of a 40-year-old man, who had typical Graves’ symptoms. After combining treatment of laser, intramuscular injection interferon, and orally administered Acyclovir or Tamciclovir tablets, Amoxicilline capsules or phenoxy mephyl penicillin potassium tablets, vitamin C and vitamin B1 of multiple courses (weeks), the condylomata acuminatum recurred, the warts grew again, and Graves’ disease worsened. However, after integrated treatment of laser, orally administered transfer factor, antibiotics and vitamins of three courses, the patient recovered fully and Graves’ symptoms alleviated. The venereal warts have not recurred within six months.
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Condyloma Acuminatum, Graves’ disease, Laser, Interferon, Antibiotic, Recurrence, Transfer Factor
Tang, N., & Ji Luo, N. (2016). Treatment for Condyloma Acuminatum with Graves’ disease. Scholars Journal of Medical Case Reports, 4(7), 520–524.