Striving for sustainable global democracy through a group decision-making process: a critical review of an online course to model transformative praxis

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Bausch, Ken
Flanagan, Thomas R
McIntyre-Mills, Janet
Made, Tony
Mackenzie, Kelly
Morse, Charles A
Underwood, Gayle
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Uchitel Publishing House
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Sustainability is not simply about changing practices but more centrally about agreeing to change practices together’ (Flanagan et al. 2011). To achieve such ends, groups need to improve processes for making complex decisions together. The challenge faced recently in Copenhagen (including a large number of diverse participants in policy discussions) indicates the need for new ways to mprove discursive democracy. Poverty and climate change are ‘wicked’ problems (Rittel and Webber 1984) that comprise many diverse interrelated variables and that have a strong value and emotional dimension. The shortcomings of many approaches to these problems is that they are expert driven, do not involve the public in decision making, and have a narrow focus on technical issues. They do not consider issues in terms of their interrelated complexity with human cultural issues and values. This paper addresses the transboundary conundrum of how to address complex social and environmental challenges while engaging with people's diverse values and emotions
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Physical activity, diversity, emotions, sustainability, values, transformation, democracy
Bausch, K. Flanagan, T. McIntyre-Mills, J. Made, T. Mackenzie, K. Morse, C. and Underwood, G.  2012 Striving for Sustainable Global Democracy through a Group Decision-Making Process: A Critical Review of an Online Course to Model Transformative Praxis Journal of Globalization Studies. Volume 3, Number 1 / May 2012