Generating direct manipulation program editors

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Read, Michael
Marlin, Chris
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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Computer Society (IEEE Publishing)
Language specific editors are cognisant of the syntax and semantics of the programming language they manipulate. Despite the various potential advantages of language specific editors, they have not been widely accepted by software developers for serious software development. On the other hand direct manipulation editors, which are also cognisant of the entities they manipulate, have proven to be successful in other domains such as drawing and VLSI design tools. Thus, it is worth while investigating the incorporation of direct manipulation mechanisms into program editors. This paper presents a technique for specifying direct manipulation editing of programs which is amenable to the generation of language specific editors incorporating direct manipulation from a specification of the desired editing mechanisms.
Language, Language specific editors, Program editing
Read, M. and Marlin, C. 1996. Generating direct manipulation program editors. 1996 Proceedings of the Sixth Australian Conference on Computer-Human Interaction, 177-183.