La Fille du Tambour Major

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Theatre programme, part of the Angel Symon Collection of the University of Adelaide. Catalogue No. 22.
Venue: Theatre Royal, Hindley St., Adelaide. Description: Comic opera in Three Acts. Offenbach's military spectacular - a great operatic spectacle D'Auban's celebrated minuet danced to music by Lully "(Now 105 Years old)" by specially trained Corps de Ballet Chorus of 100. Full operatic orchestra of 25 and stage band of 16 Synopsis of scenery Operatic spectacle - the entrance of French Army into Milan Physical Description: 3 sheets folded to provide 12 pages including paper covers.
William Anderson's Comic Opera Company [Touring Company], William Anderson [Producer], Madeline Ashton [Singer], Mabel Gorey [Singer], Jessie Rowland [Singer], Bessie Harris [Singer], Bessie Clare [Singer], Ruby Graham [Singer], Evelyn Stephenson [Singer], Vera Hammond [Singer], Addie Campbell [Singer], Madge Hope [Singer], Irene Dillon [Singer], Bessie White [Singer], Ailsa Sherbooke [Singer], Edgeworth Boanas [Singer], Irene Sandeman [Singer], Edwin Lester [Singer], Harry Quealy [Singer], Achille Rebottaro [Singer], Edward Farley [Singer], Maud Thornton [Singer], J. Rowland Hogue [Singer], Leopold Stach [Singer], Frank Brooke [Singer], Alfred Deery [Singer], Madam Stafford [Costume Co-ordinator], James Murray [Properties Master], Rege Robins [Scenic artist], A. McNicol Turner [Stage manager], John Fanning [Tour manager], Frank Rogers [Special Effects], Music, Dance