Why is the Timaeus Different?

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Quigley, Peter
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Modern Greek Studies Association of Australia and New Zealand
The Timaeus is significantly different from Plato’s other works and is a difficult work to analyse. This paper will comprise two parts. In the first part, I will present two issues that may contribute to us having problems with the Timaeus. Firstly, I will discuss how the style of the Timaeus is different from Plato’s other works. Secondly, I will review a number of inconsistencies between the Timaeus and Plato’s other works. In the second part, I will review five possible explanations for these problems, ranging from the extreme view that it is a forgery, to the view that Plato had simply changed his mind on philosophical matters, and additionally was playing with a different writing style.
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Timaeus, Plato
Quigley, P. (2017). Why is the Timaeus Different? Journal of Modern Greek Studies (Australia and New Zealand) — Special Issue, 91–97.