‘Time and Space do not care what I believe’: Robert Masterson, American Poet and Author in Conversation with Ajit Kumar

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Ajit Kumar
Robert Masterson
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Professor Robert Masterson lives and works in the megalopolis of New York City, but spent his formative years in the American West, growing up and going to school in Colorado and New Mexico. First published at age 19, Masterson has written award-winning fiction, journalism, and creative nonfiction steadily ever since. His books of poetry and short prose, Trial by Water (1982), Artificial Rats & Electric Cats (2008), and Garnish Trouble (2011), have become collector’s items. Masterson’s work as a lecturer, a writer, and a teacher has taken him around the world, and his work appears in numerous anthologies, journals, magazines, newspapers, and on websites across the Internet. He is a professor of English at the City University of New York’s BMCC campus and divides his time between New York, New Mexico, and travel. Dr Ajit Kumar interviewed Professor Masterson about his different literary books and many other less shared facts of his life.
American poetry, Robert Masterson