Creative Choices. "Explorations in Creative Writing" by Kevin Brophy. [review]

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Tucker, Robyn
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Australian Book Review
Kevin Brophy shows us his skills as an entertainer in "Explorations in Creative Writing". He has read widely and has a diverse collection of tales to tell, from the mundane to the fantastic. The story, anecdote and fragment are all part of his performance. We shift between a reading of Kafka’s ‘Metamorphosis’, to the ‘agenda of the couch’ and even to writers’ accounts of visits to analysts (Lacan’s consulting rooms — shabby!). Like the best entertainers, Brophy knows how to tell a good story. His writing has an admirable lightness of touch, alternately reflective and playful, and conveys a sense of the vitality of its subject matter.
Australian, Book Reviews, Publishing, Robyn Tucker, Reading Writing, Medieval Thinking and the Novelisation of the Poem, literary analysis, Sylvia Plath, Making Writing, Talking Writing, criticism, history, philosophy, Heather Kerr, Amanda Nettlebeck, The Space Between
Tucker, Robyn 2003. Creative Choices. Review of "Explorations in Creative Writing" by Kevin Brophy. 'Australian Book Review', No 255, October, 52.