The Impact of Pregnancy Loss on Women’s Adult Relationships

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Collins, Catherine
Riggs, Damien Wayne
Due, Clemence
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Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement
Previous research has identified that women feel isolated and in need of emotional support following pregnancy loss. However, little previous research has focused on how pregnancy loss affects a woman’s relationships with her partner, family and friends. Fifteen South Australian women (31 to 71 years old) were interviewed about their experience of pregnancy loss. Thematic analysis identified that the women’s family and friends were not always an available support following pregnancy loss, either due to the presentation of their own grief, or a lack of understanding of what the women were experiencing.
Copyright 2014 Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement. Published version of the paper reproduced here with permission from the publisher.
Collins, C., Riggs, D.W. & Due, C. (2014). The impact of pregnancy loss on women’s adult relationships. Grief Matters: The Australian Journal of Grief and Bereavement, 17, 44-50.