Identifying the Ion Channels Responsible for Signaling Gastro-Intestinal Based Pain

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Brierley, Stuart M
Hughes, Patrick A
Harrington, Ann Chrystine
Rychkov, Grigori Y
Blackshaw, L Ashley
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© 2010 by the authors; licensee MDPI, Basel, Switzerland.
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We are normally unaware of the complex signalling events which continuously occur within our internal organs. Most of us only become cognisant when sensations of hunger, fullness, urgency or gas arise. However, for patients with organic and functional bowel disorders pain is an unpleasant and often debilitating reminder. Furthermore, chronic pain still represents a large unmet need for clinical treatment. Consequently, chronic pain has a considerable economic impact on health care systems and the afflicted individuals. In order to address this need we must understand how symptoms are generated within the gut, the molecular pathways responsible for generating these signals and how this process changes in disease states. View Full-Text
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TRPA1, TRPV4, TRPV1, ASICs, NaV and KV channels, chronic visceral pain (CVP), visceral pain
Brierley, S.M.; Hughes, P.A.; Harrington, A.M.; Rychkov, G.Y.; Blackshaw, L.A. Identifying the Ion Channels Responsible for Signaling Gastro-Intestinal Based Pain. Pharmaceuticals 2010, 3, 2768-2798.