Explicit strategy training in vocabulary learning for beginning Spanish students

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Bornay, Natalia
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Department of Languages and Applied Linguistics, Flinders University
The teaching and learning of vocabulary in second and foreign language contexts is a controversial issue. Research in the field of vocabulary acquisition has revealed that the use of vocabulary learning strategies (VLS) when learning new words can assist language learners in overcoming retention and recall difficulties. However, there is still no consensus about the most effective method for teaching learning strategies. This paper presents a study of memory strategy training for learning new vocabulary conducted with first-year university students of Spanish. Students were exposed to explicit instruction in two memory strategies over six weeks and were invited to reflect on their usefulness. The findings suggested that explicit strategy training can contribute to developing participants’ VLS repertoire, raise participants’ metacognitive awareness and enhance their regulatory skills.
vocabulary, vocabulary in second and foreign language, vocabulary learning strategies (VLS)
Bornay , N. (2011). Explicit strategy training in vocabulary learning for beginning Spanish students. Flinders University Languages Group Online Review, 4(3).