Evolution of palliative care in Australia 1973-2013

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Currow, David Christopher
Phillips, Jane
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Cancer Council Australia
In parallel with the rapid development of oncology in Australia, palliative and supportive care has evolved rapidly. The sponsorship for such development was largely generated by oncology services in response to unmet needs that were encountered daily. Development of state, territory and national strategies has mirrored the professional development in service delivery, education (of existing practitioners and tomorrow’s clinicians) and research. More recently, national programs are delivering better outcomes for palliative care patients and their families, world-leading clinical research, improved access to essential medications in the community and the ability to access quality evidence to inform practice and policy. These initiatives provide a valuable foundation for continuing to improve access to high quality clinical care wherever people live.
Palliative care, Cancer research
Currow, D.C. and Phillips, J., 2013. Evolution of palliative care in Australia 1973-2013. Cancer Forum, 37(1), 38-42.