On the impact of Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining

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Wahlstrom, Kirsten
Roddick, John Francis
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Australian Computer Society
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Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining are powerful automated data analysis tools and they are predicted to become the most frequently used analytical tools in the near future. The rapid dissemination of these technologies calls for an urgent examination of their social impact. This paper identifies social issues arising from Knowledge Discovery (KD) and Data Mining (DM). An overview of these technologies is presented, followed by a detailed discussion of each issue. The paper's intention is to primarily illustrate the cultural context of each issue and, secondly, to describe the impact of KD and DM in each case. Existing solutions specific to each issue are identified and examined for feasibility and effectiveness, and a solution that provides a suitably contextually sensitive means for gathering and analysing sensitive data is proposed and briefly outlined. The paper concludes with a discussion of topics for further consideration.
Computer Science, Data mining
Wahlstrom, K. and Roddick, J.F., 2001. On the impact of Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining. Proceedings AICE 2000 Second Australian Institute Conference on Computer Ethics, vol. 1, 22-27.