Adults’ Perceptions of Their Tinnitus and a Tinnitus Information Service

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Adams, Jennie
Verrier, Emily
Walsh, Megan
Lind, Christopher
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Australian Academic Press
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The South Australian Government funds Tinnitus SA to provide advice and information to South Australians to assist in their understanding of tinni-tus and their decision making about tinnitus-related service provision. This qualitative study aimed to identify key motivations for adults seeking tinnitus advice, determine how those services are perceived, and provide insight into the help-seeking behaviour of those who experience tinni-tus. Participants in this study were recruited from Tinnitus SA’s attendance lists for their community information sessions held in 2008 and 2009. Of the 60 people contacted, 13 adults agreed to particpate in the semistructured interviews. Interviews, lasting approximately 45 minutes focused on interviewees’ perceptions of their tinnitus prior to attending the Tinnitus SA information session, their response to the information session itself, and their perceptions and actions following the information session. Grounded theory was used as the guiding method-ology for analysis of the transcribed interview data. The themes that emerged during analysis of the interviews fell into two broad descriptive categories: Empowerment through information and education; and If you can’t cure me I’ll cope. Together these categories led to the overarching theme of participants’ responses: ‘I don’t need help, but I’d like more information’. Further analy-sis revealed that the Tinnitus SA community sessions were the primary source of information for the majority of these participants and there was a high level of satisfaction with these sessions by contrast to other information sources.
"Article Copyright 2010 The Authors." "Published edition Copyright 2010 Australian Academic Press. Published version of the paper reproduced here with permission from the publisher."
Tinnitus, Tinnitus Information Service
Adams, J., Verrier, E., Walsh, M., & LIND, C. (2010). Adults’ perceptions of their tinnitus and a tinnitus information service. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Audiology, 32, 2, 83-94.