Purveyors of Delectable Derision. "Kit and the Widow", "Peter Berner 'Live'", and "Greg Fleet". Adelaide Cabaret Festival [review]

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Bramwell, Murray Ross
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The Adelaide Review
Kit and the Widow are smutty and smart, topical and very tight. Sex toys, laptops, Joan Rivers’ plastic surgery are all fair game, as is The Leopard, a straight song about Hesketh-Harvey’s native Malawi. And, after eviscerating Steve Irwin with new lyrics to I Will Survive, Wit and the Kiddo have us community singing a curry house menu to a chorus from Turandot. It is one crowded hour. The Cabaret Festival has programmed a range of Australian stand-ups from the Fringe circuit. Some, such as Flacco and Sandman, Mary G and Lano and Woodley are inconveniently after our deadline but familiar faces Peter Berner and Greg Fleet have paraded their rumpled wares.
Festivals, Festival Reviews, Performing Arts, Banquet Room, Dunstan Playhouse
Bramwell, Murray 2004. Purveyors of Delectable Derision. Review of "Kit and the Widow", "Peter Berner 'Live'", and "Greg Fleet". 'The Adelaide Review', no.250, 30.