Learning contracts for clinical practice: to promote deep learning strategies

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Abbott, Patrick
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Flinders University
Observation of second year undergraduate students on four week clinical placements reveals an inability of these students to integrate the different topics taught in first and second year into clinical practice. These students appear not to have a deep understanding of the subjects and how they relate to one another. By teaching the students the benefits of deep learning and using learning contracts as a teaching tool, the author hoped to consolidate their knowledge base, increase their confidence in clinical practice and provide a learning tool that they could utilise throughout their nursing career. On completion they were asked to evaluate learning contracts as an adjunct to learning.
Education, Higher education, Nursing, Clinical practice
Abbott, P., 2001. Learning contracts for clinical practice: to promote deep learning strategies. In H. Silins and R. Murray-Harvey (Eds.) Improving University Teaching and Learning, vol. 6. Papers presented at the Graduate Certificate in Tertiary Education Mini-Conference held at The Flinders University of South Australia, Bedford Park, South Australia, November 15, 2000, 63-69.