The hydrogeology of the Rocky Hill Region, Northern Territory

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Cook, Peter
Wischusen, J
Knapton, A
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National Centre for Groundwater Research and Training, Flinders University
The Rocky Hill area has been identified as a potential future bore field for Alice Springs town water supply, and in 1996 NT Portion 4704 was set aside for that purpose. The area has been the focus of several hydrogeological investigations over the past 50 years, most recently in 1998-2000 (Read and Paul, 2000, 2002). The current report updates the hydrogeological characterisation of this area, based on drilling and sampling of new test production bores within NT Portion 4704, and water level, geochemistry and geophysical surveys carried out within the Rocky Hill region within the last 20 years. This data will be used in a groundwater model which will assess the long-term sustainability of Rocky Hill as a future water supply for Alice Springs. The groundwater model will be the focus of a subsequent report.
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Hydrogeology, Water supply, Groundwater, Alice Springs, Rocky Hill
Cook PG, Wischusen J. and Knapton A, 2020, The Hydrogeology of the Rocky Hill Region, Northern Territory. National Centre for Groundwater Research and Training, Australia, and Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Water Resources Division. WRD Report 13/2020.