Is it time for a new descriptor 'pressure injury': a bibliometric analysis

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Dunk, Ann Marie
Arbon, Paul Andrew
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Australian Wound Management Association
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Prediction, prevention and management of pressure injuries are areas that require specific attention from nurses in clinical practice. Moreover, increased awareness that these injuries are preventable is an important precursor to changing nurses’ practice and reducing the incidence of pressure injuries. The language and terminology that we use in daily practice can impact on the understanding and approach that nurses take to care delivery. In this area of wound care practice commonly used terminology that emphasises the nature of the wound, rather than its causation, may be a significant factor that limits the level of concern about prevention and responsibility taken by clinicians. This paper argues that the term ‘pressure injury’ promotes a better understanding of the fact that these wounds are preventable and may refocus the attention of nurses providing care to at-risk patients.
Nursing, Pressure injury, Language, Wound care
Dunk, A. & Arbon, P.A., 2009. Is it time for a new descriptor 'pressure injury': a bibliometric analysis. Wound Practice and Research, 17(4), 201-207.