Patients’ Experiences With Integrated Care: Possible Solutions

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Bywood, Petra Teresia
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Primary Health Care Research and Information Service
At some time in their lives, most people will require health care services from multiple health care providers, whether it is for short-term unexpected ill-health, long-term chronic conditions, or co-morbidities that cross disciplines. Integration of health services is particularly important for people with chronic or complex conditions as they must negotiate a path that crosses various health care sectors. In 2011 PHCRIS undertook an abbreviated appraisal of evidence (Rapid Response) to address the following: - What types of initiatives have been implemented in Australia (or elsewhere) to integrate primary and acute health care? - How have these initiatives impacted on patients’ health outcomes and patients’ experience of their pathway through the health system?
Bywood P. (2012, April). Patients’ Experiences With Integrated Care: Possible Solutions. Poster session presented at the Allied Health Professions Australia Conference, Canberra