Involvement in Bullying During High School: A Survival Analysis Approach

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Skrzypiec, Grace
Askell-Williams, Helen
Slee, Phillip T
Lawson, Mike Joseph
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Knowledge about the risks of bullying involvement during any year of high school is an important element of interventions for changing the likelihood of being bullied. Three cohorts of Australian students (n = 1,382) were tracked from 7th grade to 11th grade. The study showed that some students continue their involvement in bullying, while in addition, new bullies and new victims emerge during each high school year. The findings indicated that the risk of bullying involvement ranged from 16% (as a bully) to 36% (as a victim), increasing to 54.5% and 56.3%, respectively, if a student was a bully or a victim in 7th grade. The risk to students of becoming victims, bullies, or bully–victims in each year of high school suggests that bullying prevention initiatives should be designed to suit students at different stages of adolescent development.
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Bullies, Bullying Onset, Bullying prevention, Bully-Victims, Survival analysis, Victims
Skrzypiec, G., Askell-Williams, H., Slee, P. T., & Lawson, M. J. (2018). Involvement in Bullying During High School: A Survival Analysis Approach. Violence and Victims, 33(3), 563–582.