The Merry Wives of Windsor

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Shakespeare, William [Playwright]
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Herbert Myers, Theatre Royal, Adelaide
Theatre programme, part of the Angel Symon Collection of the University of Adelaide. Catalogue Number:14.
Further Information: The programme is undated, 1926 is a calculated guess from AusStage, advertising is very twenties. However advertising for the Essex Super Four, replaced by the Essex Six in 1924, might indicate an earlier date. Venue: Theatre Royal, Hindley St., Adelaide. Physical Description of Programme: Five sheets double sided and double columned to produce a 16 page programme with covers. Printer: Publishers Limited, Alexandra Chambers, Grenfell St.,Adelaide.
Allan Wilkie Shakespearean Company [Production Company][Presenting Company], Allan Wilkie [Actor], Vincent Scully [Actor] [Stage Manager], Chris Olgar [Actor], Vivian Edwards [Actor], Guy Hastings [Actor], Winsor Gordon [Actor], Edward Landor [Actor], J Roy Workman [Actor], Augustus Neville [Actor], Jack Lennon [Actor], Leslie Manners [Actor], Fred Patey [Actor], Miss Amy Birch [Actor], Richard Mack [Actor], Miss Vera St John [Actor], Helen Fergus [Actor], Lorna Forbes [Actor], Miss Hunter-Watts [Actor], Frank Kenny [Company Manager], Lou Weichard [Musical Director], P Oscar Olliffe [Tour manager], Elizabethan, Drama