Preventing Diabetes Through a Lifestyle Modification Program that Works

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Davis-Lameloise, Nathalie
Dunbar, James Anthony
Reddy, Prasuna
Janus, Edward Denis
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Australian Rural Health Education Network
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The Greater Green Triangle Diabetes Prevention Project was a national demonstrator program that was conducted in Hamilton, Horsham and Mount Gambier by the GGT UDRH in 2004 to 2006. The project was based on the Finnish Diabetes Prevention Study and the Good Ageing in Lahti Region Lifestyle Implementation Trial. It involved a series of group education sessions delivered to people at high risk of developing diabetes. As the positive effect of diabetes prevention programs is already well established, the aim of this study was to evaluate the feasibility of delivering a structured group-based lifestyle modification program in Australian primary care settings with modest resources. A follow-up investigation looked at whether gains achieved by the intervention were sustained longer term and whether telephone support would provide better outcomes.
Public health, Health care, Diabetes, Greater Green Triangle
Davis-Lameloise, N., Dunbar, J., Reddy, P. and Janus, E. 2010. Preventing Diabetes Through a Lifestyle Modification Program that Works. In: Larson, A. and Lyle, D. (eds.). A Bright Future for Rural Health: Evidence-Based Policy and Practice in Rural and Remote Australian Health Care. Canberra: Australian Rural Health Education Network, 17-19.