The pushbike song: Rolling physical cultural studies through the landscape

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Brabazon, Tara
McRae, L
Redhead, Steve
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This article explores how small cities use cycling for both residential transportation and active tourism. While cycling may be child’s play, and indeed a part of childhood socialization, the ‘pushbike’ has a role in regional development. Our work investigates cycling and cycling policy. We then focus on one small city at the southern tip of Western Australia. Albany is attempting to transform itself into a cycling city and an international capital of cycling. This article engages trans-local cultural modelling and evaluates Albany’s goal in terms of health, sustainability and economic development. The synergetic and accidental commitment to cycling in Albany provides a model and opportunities for other small cities to consider, apply and improve.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
bicycling, cycling,, Albany,, trans-localism, regional development
Brabazon, T.M., Redhead, S. and McRae, L. (2015). The pushbike song: Rolling Physical Cultural Studies through the landscape. Journal of Studies and Resear ch in Human Geography, 9(2) pp. 183-206.