West Coast Bays Marine Park Impact Statement

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Australian Workplace Innovation and Social Research Centre
Kirkman, Hugh
Bryars, Simon
Brook, James
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EconSearch Pty Ltd
The West Coast Bays Marine Park is situated in the Eyre Bioregion. Beginning at the southern end of Rincon Beach it extends to near Point Westall and includes Sceale, Venus and Baird Bays. This marine park encompasses Nicholas Baudin Island, Baird Bay Island and Point Labatt Aquatic Reserve and partially overlays Sceale Bay, Point Labatt and Venus Bay Conservation Parks up to median high water. Impacts of implementing the draft management plans were assessed against a base case scenario of no management plans. The base case is not static, and requires an understanding of the existing trends in natural resource, economic and social conditions. There are external factors which influence both the 'with management plan' and the base case scenarios that were taken into consideration.
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marine park, impact statement, West Coast Bays Marine Park, Eyre Bioregion, Rincon Beach, Point Westall, Streaky Bay, Elliston