Pataphysical Discourse and Georgian Reflections in Comparative Analysis of Georgian and French Avant-Garde

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Muskhelishvili, Medea
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This paper studies Alfred Jarry’s Pataphysics and searches for Pataphysical reflections in Georgian modernist literature, including works by Georgian modernist writers Konstantine Gamsakhurdia (1893-1975) and Demna Shengelaia (1896-1980), and contemporary Georgian writer Tamaz Chiladze (born 1931), in a comparative analysis of the Georgian and French avant-garde movements. The former was ‘born’ in an isolated environment, in a country with a rich cultural background and literary tradition, first under the rule of Russian Tsarism (1801-1918) and then under the oppression of the Soviet Union (1921-1989). The Georgian avant-garde  was never totally European but Asian too, and came to a ‘bloody’, tragic end as a victim of the Soviet totalitarian regime, whereas the French avant-garde was rather free, bold, limitless, and uncontrolled. Examining these two absolutely different avant-gardes and studying Pataphysical themes and reflections in Georgian literature in hindsight will provide a valuable picture of the movement and the period itself.
Alfred Jarry, French avant-garde, Georgian avant-garde, Pataphysics