Communities for Children Final report: The Western Perinatal Support Group (WPSG) program in Western Adelaide

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Parry, Yvonne
Grant, Julian
Abbott, Shelly
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Flinders University
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The evaluation of the programs provided by the Communities for Children (CfC) initiative is presented here. This report is divided into five sections. The first section presents the background information on the CfC initiative including an outline of the demographic and epidemiological outcomes for children in the area of focus for this evaluation. Additionally, the introduction outlines some of the theoretical basis for the models of care and the therapeutic models of care that are common in all the programs provided. Subsequent sections provide the therapeutic models of care specific to the particular program provided by the organisation or service. The report also provides a conclusion for each program and a final conclusion for the evaluation research project as a whole.
YK., Grant, J, & Abbott, S, (2016) Communities for Children: Final Report: Final report: The Western Perinatal Support Group (WPSG) program in Western Adelaide. Flinders University, School of Nursing & Midwifery, for, Communities for Children, Wesley Uniting Care Port Adelaide.