Constructing a virtual Tower of Babel: a case study in cross-cultural collaboration across three continents

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Prasolova-Forland, Ekaterina
Wyeld, Theodor
Chang, Teng Wen
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The collaboration project described in this paper revolves around the construction of a virtual Tower of Babel in a 3D Collaborative Virtual Environment (3D CVE). It involved students across three cooperating institutions, on three different continents in different time zones. It addresses the increasing need for students to engage in international collaboration, as much of today's Information and Communication Technology work demands it. This requires cross-cultural understandings with one's co-collaborators, yet there are few opportunities for this to occur in a pedagogical setting. Therefore, this paper discusses a pedagogically-oriented case study of the use of a 3D CVE as a multi-cultural classroom, describing and discussing different phases in the cross-cultural collaborative process.
3D, Collaborative virtual environments, Computer supported cooperative work, Multi-cultural classroom, Students, Virtual reality, Project management
Lecture Notes in Computer Science: revised selected papers from the 13th International Conference on Virtual Systems and Multimedia, VSMM 2007, Brisbane, Australia, 23-26 September 23-26 2007 / Theodor G.Wyeld, Sarah Kenderdine, Michael Docherty (eds.), Vol. 4820, pp. 143-153