The state of the art - current critical research

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Daalder, Joost
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Continuum, New York
'The State of the Art - current critical research' appears as Chapter 3 in 'Women beware women: a critical guide', edited by Andrew Hiscock. Review from the website states: "This comprehensive collection of essays, beginning with Andrew Hiscock's historical account of Women Beware Women, combines fresh research, provocative new interpretations and a useful account of performances of one of Middleton's most powerful plays. Such established scholars as Helen Wilcox, Robert C. Evans and Coppelia Kahn join new voices for pioneering work on a major English playwright.” – Arthur F. Kinney, Thomas W. Copeland Professor of Literary History and Director of the Center for Renaissance Studies, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA, - See more at:
English literature
Daalder, J., 2011. The state of the art - current critical research. In Andrew Hiscock (Ed.), 'Women beware women': a critical guide. London and New York, Continuum, 77-96.