Ageing in a changing age

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Graycar, Adam
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Comparing our population today with that in the census before last (1976) the number of people in their sixties has increased by 14.3 per cent; the number in their seventies and eighties by 25.8 per cent. During the same period the population as a whole increased by only 9.5 per cent. When translated into goods and services and social facilities and supports, this warrants careful policy attention. Elderly people require a wide range of supports, mostly income support, but also health services, housing support, and social services. Public resources which are allocated are substantial, yet the range of incomes, access to services and housing situation of elderly people is probably wider than for any other population category.
Speech given at the Royal District Nursing Society Annual General Meeting, Adelaide, 30th October, 1985 by Adam Graycar, Commissioner for the Ageing. This speech is made available under the CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0 license:
Ageing, Elderly population, Population forecasts, Social services, Royal District Nursing Society, McLeay Report