Connecting to the PHC Network

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Oliver-Baxter, Jodie
Dixon, Kathryn
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Primary Health Care Research and Information Service
A presentation given as part of the inaugral Knowledge Exchange Capacity Building Workshop for Higher Degree Students. This workshop took place as a satellite event to the 2014 Primary Health Care Research Conference in Canberra on 22 July, the aim of the event was to encourage a philosophy of knowledge exchange early in researchers’ careers. It included information on resources and tools to help students with planning, conducting and disseminating research. It created opportunities for networking with student colleagues from around Australia, and offered delegates the chance to speak with more experienced researchers, as well as gain an insight into knowledge exchange and how they might apply such a framework in their research.
Oliver-Baxter J, Dixon K. (2014, July). Connecting to the PHC Network. Presented at the Knowledge Exchange Capacity Building Workshop for Higher Degree Students, Canberra