The Loss of Governance Capacity through Corruption

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Graycar, Adam
Villa, D
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Corruption manifests itself in many ways and at different levels. Corrupt behavior causes outrage to victims and those who value civil society, it impedes good government and administrative practice. The policy challenge in reducing corruption is to identify the component parts of corrupt behavior and the risk–reward profiles of offenders. This exploratory article begins this process by reporting data from 100 successfully prosecuted cases from New York City. The article analyzes data on varying degrees of corruption in service provision in New York City. The loss to the city is much more a loss of governance capacity than it is a monetary loss.
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corruption, Governance, Public administration, prosecution
Graycar, Adam & Villa, D. ( 2011), The Loss of Governance Capacity through Corruption, Governance: An International Journal of Policy, Administration, and Institutions, Vol. 24, No 3, 419 – 438