Smart Casual: Ethics and Professionalism

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Hewitt, Anne
Galloway, Kate
Heath, Mary
Israel, Mark
Skead, Natalie
Steel, Alex
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Dept of Education and Training
This resource is part of the Smart Casual suite of professional development modules, which have been developed for and by Australian law teachers. This module concerns ethics and professional responsibility as necessary parts of teaching law across all subjects. It offers insights into the ways in which we, as law teachers, might present learning law as an ethical and professional endeavour in itself, and how we might harness the context of substantive law throughout the curriculum to illustrate how ethics and professional responsibility work in practice. The module covers: discussing and modelling ethics and professionalism, learning from cases, using role-play, and responding to unprofessional behaviour.
Please download and read ‘Instructions_zipped_file_download’ PDF prior to accessing the ‘Smart Casual’ module.
Law, Law teaching, Law teachers, Casual teachers, Smart casual
Hewitt, A., Galloway, K., Heath, M., Israel, M., Skead, N., & Steel, A. (2016). Smart Casual: Ethics and Professionalism Retrieved from