Can a Carbon Price Save Us from Catastrophic Global Warming?

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Diesendorf, Mark
Shellenberger, Michael
Guli, Mina
Mares, Peter
Adelaide Festival Corporation
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Radio Adelaide
Archived with permission from the Adelaide Festival of Ideas and Radio Adelaide.
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Adelaide Festival of Ideas session, Adelaide Town Hall, 12:00pm, Saturday 8th October, 2011. Chaired by Peter Mares. Scientists say significant climate change is already locked in and urgent action is needed to limit global temperature rises to 2°C – the target set by world leaders at Cancun. From next July, big emitters in Australia will pay $23 for every tonne of CO2 pumped into the atmosphere, but this still leaves coal-fired electricity far cheaper than gas, let alone renewable energy. Is it too little, too late? The task of cutting emissions poses a far bigger technical challenge than flying to the moon, so why don’t we have programs of Apollo-like proportions to further develop and deploy alternative energy? And why would we rule out an existing technology, like nuclear power?
Global warming, Carbon emissions, Primary industries, Renewable energy