Get Porter. "Walking on Water: A Life in the Law" by Chester Porter. [review]

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Ryan, Peter
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Australian Book Review
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All young persons contemplating ‘a life in the law’ as a career should read this book, ideally when they are about sixteen, to allow adequate time to switch to dentistry, say, or engineering. But whatever your age, Chester Porter’s huge experience, wisdom and humanity will enlighten you about the true inwardness of those sometimes compatible concepts, justice and law. We should all read "Walking on Water" and be better educated, and no one should embark on litigation before they have done so. By the time they lay the volume down, they will have cooled off, left their solicitor untelephoned, saved themselves a bucket of money and averted a heart attack.
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Ryan, Peter 2003. Get Porter. Review of "Walking on Water: A Life in the Law" by Chester Porter. 'Australian Book Review', No 255, October, 29.