Implementation salvage experiences from the Melbourne Diabetes Prevention Study

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2012-09-19, 2012-09-19
Dunbar, James Anthony
Hernan, Andrea
Janus, Edward Denis
Davis-Lameloise, Nathalie
Asproloupos, Dino
O'Reilly, Sharleen L
Timoshanko, Amy
Stewart, Elizabeth
Bennett, Catherine M
Johnson, Greg
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BioMed Central Ltd.
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The Melbourne Diabetes Prevention Study sits within an evolving larger scale implementation project, the Life! program. Changes that occurred during the roll-out of that program had a direct impact on the process of conducting this trial. The issues and methods of recovery the study team encountered were conceptualised using an implementation salvage strategies framework. The specific issues the study team came across included continuity of the state funding for Life! program and structural changes to the Life! program which consisted of adjustments to eligibility criteria, referral processes, structure and content, as well as alternative program delivery for different population groups. Staff turnover, recruitment problems, setting and venue concerns, availability of potential participants and participant characteristics were also identified as evaluation roadblocks. Each issue and corresponding salvage strategy is presented.
Public health, Chronic illness, Diabetes, Prevention
Dunbar, J.A., Hernan, A., Janus, E.D., Davis-Lameloise, N., Asproloupos, D., O'Reilly, S.L., Timoshanko, A., Stewart, E., Bennett, C.M., Johnson, G. and Carter, R., 2012. Implementation salvage experiences from the Melbourne Diabetes Prevention Study. BMC Public Health, 12:806.