The cultural relations of water in remote South Australian towns

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Wadham, Benjamin Allan
Willis, Eileen Mary
Pearce, Meryl Winsome
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The Australian Sociological Association
Water is an increasingly scarce resource and the decline in rainfall presupposes people and communities adapting to live in drier, and very different, social and environmental conditions. In rural and remote South Australia residents have always considered water a reflexive resource that requires them to consider their relationship to water and its availability and access. These are material concerns. Yet, lifestyle, identity, sense of place and community is profoundly shaped by the inclusion of ‘water’ in one’s habitus. ‘Water’ is also a social concern and its material management arises within cultural relations.
Water, Culture, Commodification, Water flows, Sustainability
Wadham, B.A., Willis, E.M., & Pearce, M.W., 2009. The cultural relations of water in remote South Australian towns. The Future of Sociology. 2009 Annual Conference of the Australian Sociological Association, 1-12.