Auditory-visual speech perception: The effect of visual acuity in older people

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Hickson, Louise
Hollins, Manda
Lind, Christopher
Worrall, Linda
Lovie-Kitchin, Jan E
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Australian Academic Press
Article Copyright 2004 The Authors. Published edition Copyright 2004 Australian Academic Press.
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This study aimed to investigate the benefit gained by older people in auditory-visual speech perception compared to auditory-only perception and to investigate the correlation between visual acuity and benefit gained. A total of 77 community-based older people participated in the study. Pure-tone audiometry showed that 36% had normal hearing, 40% had a mild hearing loss and the remainder (23%) had a moderate or greater loss. Objective easurements of corrected distance and near visual acuities were obtained using the Bailey-Lovie logMAR distance and near visual acuity tests. According to the criteria used in the present study, 34% had some distance vision impairment and 9% had some near vision impairment. The benefit gained in auditory-visual speech perception was determined by comparing auditory-only and auditory-visual performance on the Bamford-Kowal-Bench Australian Version Speech reading Test. An average visual benefit of 28.8% was achieved by the participants, and, for the vast majority of participants (86%), the benefit gained was statistically significant. A significant correlation was not found between either distance or near visual acuity and benefit gained in auditory-visual speech perception. The implications of these findings are that it is important for audiologists to recommend the use of lipreading to older clients, irrespective of their visual impairment, as the majority will gain significant benefit from the use of visual cues.
"Article Copyright 2004 The Authors." "Published edition Copyright 2004 Australian Academic Press. Published version of the paper reproduced here with permission from the publisher."
Speech Perception, older people
Hickson, L., Hollins, M., LIND, C., Worrall, L., & Lovie- Kitchin, J. (2004). Auditory-visual speech perception: The effect of visual acuity in older people. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Audiology, 26, 3 - 11.