In Conversation with Vijay Kumar Roy

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Vijay Kumar Roy (b. 1978) has been recently honoured with Lifetime Achievement Award by Indian Institute of Oriental Heritage, and Poet of the Month in the February 2015 issue of Poets International. He is editor-in-chief of Ars Artium, an international journal of humanities and social sciences ( and an honorary member in the editorial boards of a number of international journals in India and abroad. He teaches English at Northern Border University, Arar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He has also taught in two universities in India and one in Ethiopia. Dr Roy writes in English and Hindi. His poems have appeared in a number of national and international journals of repute. His poems have also been anthologised in The Rainbow Hues (2014), The Enchanted World (2013), The Poetic Bliss (2012), The Melodies of Immortality (2012), The Fancy Realm (2011), and Poets’ Paradise (2010). His first book, Premanjali, a collection of poems in Hindi, was published in 2009 and second book, Aesthetic of John Keats: An Indian Approach in 2010. The Melodies of Immortality (2012), an anthology of poetry in English, edited by him, was widely welcomed by leading poets in India. While teaching in Ethiopia he co-translated and edited K. Sekhar’s book Hindi – Speak with the Hearts of Indians (2013), which became very famous and one of the best sellers, particularly in the universities where Indian teachers were teaching and the local teachers aspired to obtain their doctoral degree from Indian universities. Having an avid interest in research, he has edited and published a number of books: Post-Independence Indian Poetry in English: New Experimentation (2015), English Language Teaching: New Approaches and Methods (2013), Spiritual Poetry of India in English Translation (2012), Contemporary Indian Spiritual Poetry in English: Critical Explorations (2012),Teaching of English: New Dimensions (2012), Indian Poetry in English: A Comprehensive Study (2011), Women’s Voice in Indian Fiction in English (2011), and co-edited Comparative Literature: Critical Responses (2014), Contemporary Indian Fiction in English: Critical Studies (2013), Value Education and Professional Ethics: An Anthology (2013),and Humanities and Social Sciences: The Quintessence of Education (2012).
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