"The Prestige" directed by Christopher Nolan [review]

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Prescott, Nicholas Adrian
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The Prestige is a film that will generate strong reactions for different reasons: some cinemagoers will find it, as I did, one of the most fascinating, exhilarating and compelling films of the year; others may find its dialogue-heavy, convoluted narrative too much to cope with on first viewing. The Prestige is indeed a challenging and thought-provoking film, but this, to me, is one of its primary assets, and is the mark of a sophisticated and intelligent piece of art. With the holiday season and its peppering of by-the-numbers, yawn-inducing blockbusters just around the corner, The Prestige is that most beautiful of contrasts: a stunningly well-conceived film that reminds us of the great power of storytelling itself.
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Prescott, Nick 2006. Review of "The Prestige", directed by Christopher Nolan. 891 ABC Adelaide website.