Effect of Sand Relative Density on Response of a Laterally Loaded Pile and Sand Deformation

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Yuan, Bingxiang
Chen, Rui
Teng, Jun
Wang, Yixian
Chen, Wenwu
Peng, Tao
Feng, Zhongwen
Yu, Yang
Dong, Jianghui
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Two scale-model tests were separately conducted in standard Toyoura sand with relative density of 50% and 80%. The effect of sand relative density on pile-soil interaction was investigated through the response of a laterally loaded pile and the sand movement around the pile. At a displacement of 3.6 mm of the loading point, the applied loads in loose and dense sand were 4.775 N and 21.025 N, respectively, and the maximum moment and soil resistance of the pile in dense sand were over 4 times those in loose sand. However, the deflection of the pile in dense sand was less than that in loose sand; additionally, the depth of zero deflection in dense sand was also less than that in loose sand. At the same time, the maximum displacements of loose sand in the vertical profile and ground surface were over 1.5 times those of dense sand. These characteristics occurred because the relative stiffness ratio of soil and pile increased as the relative density increased, which caused the behavior of the pile in dense sand to be elastic rather than rigid. In addition, the compacted sand particles did not move as easily as the loose sand particles.
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Toyoura sand, sand relative density, sand movement, soil resistance
Bingxiang Yuan, Rui Chen, Jun Teng, et al., “Effect of Sand Relative Density on Response of a Laterally Loaded Pile and Sand Deformation,” Journal of Chemistry, vol. 2015, Article ID 891212, 6 pages, 2015. doi:10.1155/2015/891212