The use of problem based learning in theological education

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Reid, Duncan
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Flinders University
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In August and September 2000, I was responsible for a new Certificate IV level theology module of six 2-hour sessions, offered by the Adelaide College of Divinity under the name 'The Big Questions'. As the name might suggest, the module allowed participants to engage critically with some of the big questions facing human life, particularly within the context of Christian faith. This paper is intended to offer a critical description of what happened in the module and some suggestions for its revision before being offered again. It will do this in three parts: A. What we did: documentation of the module; B. What we learnt: evaluation of the module in the light of the literature on problem-based learning (PBL); C. Recommendations for changes to the module.
Higher education, Teacher education, Theology
Reid, D., 2001. The use of problem based learning in theological education. In H. Silins and R. Murray-Harvey (Eds.) Improving University Teaching and Learning, vol. 6. Papers presented at the Graduate Certificate in Tertiary Education Mini-Conference held at The Flinders University of South Australia, Bedford Park, South Australia, November 15, 2000, 83-92.