Stark Beauty Lost in Chorus Line. 'Euripides' Trojan Women'. State Theatre Company of South Australia [review]

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Bramwell, Murray Ross
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The Australian
It is not surprising that the Greek drama speaks so strongly to us now, because it also spoke strongly to its own audience. And none more so than the works of Euripides. His plays confronted the Athenian audience with an unwelcome mirror of its prejudices, its cruelty and its follies. Even such legendary victories as the sacking of Troy Euripides takes as a chance for rebuke and reflection, and an opportunity to see events from another perspective. He was especially interested in seeing what an empire looks like from the other end of the telescope - from the point of view of its victims and its vanquished.
Theatre Reviews, Drama Reviews, Theatre, Drama, Rosalba Clemente, Mark Shelton, Dawn Langman, Caroline Mignone, Martha Lott, Roger Newcombe, Alirio Zavarce, Philip Griffin, Ross Daly
Bramwell, Murray 2004. Stark Beauty Lost In Chorus Line. Review of 'Euripides' Trojan Women' adapted by Rosalba Clement and Dawn Langman. 'The Australian', 18 November, 12.