Introduction: Controversial Images

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Phiddian, Robert Andrew
Manning, Haydon Richard
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Network Books
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There appears to be a growing sensitivity to cartoons’ potential impact in public debate, and so it is a good time to ask what the role of cartoons is in Australian politics, policy and media. This collection brings together cartoonists, media professionals and researchers all, in their different ways, fascinated by the contribution cartoons make to our public life. The range of backgrounds of the contributors has led to a rich range of writing styles and approaches; as editors, we have not sought to impose a uniform method on the chapters, but have especially encouraged the cartoonists and media professionals to write from their experience rather than in an imitation of academic style.
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Phiddian, R.A. & Manning, H.R., 2008. Introduction: Controversial Images. In Comic Commentators: Contemporary Political Cartooning in Australia. Perth: Network Books, pp. 1-9.