Creative solutions - creativity, innovation and sustainable jobs in South Australia

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Hordacre, Ann-Louise
Spoehr, John
Barnett, Kate
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Australian Industrial Transformation Institute
A robust debate is underway internationally on what the likely impact of existing automation capabilities will be upon employment. This has fuelled fears that a large proportion of occupations and tasks are vulnerable to automation. In this report we examine the extent to which occupations and related capabilities are resistant to automation. We focus particularly on a set of occupations described as the creative occupations, those jobs that require the exercise of high level creative capabilities, abstract thinking, emotional intelligence and complex problem solving skills in uncertain environments.
© [2017] Flinders University / Australian Industrial Transformation Institute
Innovation, Job automation, Susceptibility to automation, Automation impact, Employment
Hordacre, AL., Spoehr, J and Barnett, K. 2017. Creative solutions. creativity, innovation and sustainable jobs in South Australia. Adelaide: Australian Industrial Transformation Institute, Flinders University of South Australia.