Postfeminist Inflections in Television Studies

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Vered, Karen Orr
Humphreys, Sal
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To better understand how postfeminism might inform media production, consumption and media scholarship, this essay explores a set of arguments that circulate around the intersection of postfeminism and media studies. Our discussion begins by tracing the complexity and controversy around the concept of postfeminism to clarify the term and draw out its more productive strands. In surveying the formal properties of postfeminist media texts and ways in which the concept progresses feminist media analysis, we also identify a set of limitations in the concept and this leads us to a cautionary conclusion about the balance between descriptive and analytical tools and political action.
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Karen Orr Vered & Sal Humphreys (2014) Postfeminist inflections in television studies, Continuum: Journal of Media & Cultural Studies, 28:2, 155-163