Whole-school mental health promotion in Australia

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Slee, Phillip T
Dix, Katherine Louise
Askell-Williams, Helen
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EDRES University of Malta / ENSEC
Although there is increasing recognition internationally of the significance of social and emotional health and wellbeing for the healthy development of young people, the levels of support that governments provide for mental health policy and programme initiatives vary widely. In this paper, consideration is given to Australia’s approach to mental health promotion from early years to secondary school, including specific reference to the KidsMatter Primary mental health promotion, prevention and early intervention initiative. Although it is now well established that schools provide important settings for the promotion of mental health initiatives, there are significant challenges faced in effectively implementing and maintaining the delivery of evidence-based practice in school settings, including concerns about quality assurance in processes of implementation, translation, dissemination and evaluation.
Australia, Education, Mental health, Quality assurance, Evaluation, KidsMatter
Slee, P.T., Dix, K.L. and Askell-Williams, H., 2012. Whole-school mental health promotion in Australia. The International Journal of Emotional Education, 3(2), 37-49.