Advances, Contents, Letters, Imprints and Contributors.

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Australian Book Review
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This item contains miscellaneous information from this issue.
Australian, Book Reviews, Publishing, La Trobe University, Annual Lecture, Mildura Writers' Festival, Clive James, Melbourne, Sydney Writers' Festival, Janette Turner Hospital, Jonathan Franzen, William Dalrymple, "Going Down Swinging", Jeff Kennett, Steve Bracks, Sophie Cunningham, Kevin Brophy, Stephen Grimwade, "Eureka Street", Marcelle Mogg, Morag Fraser, Philip Harvey, "The Adelaide Review", Christopher Pearson, Peter Ward, Katherine Wilson, Nathan Hollier, "Overland", "Limelight", "24 Hours", SA Writers' Centre, Christine Harris, Tom Shapcott, José Borghino, Raimond Gaita, Stephanie Dowrick, State Library of Victoria, Greg Mackie, Adelaide Festival of Ideas, Robert Fisk, George Monbiot, Dennis Altman, Peter Beilharz, Fiona Stanley, NSW Writers' Centre, Angelo Loukakis, Pat Woolley, Patti Miller, Kerryn Goldsworthy, Max Harris, Rosemary Wighton, John McLaren, National Book Council, Australia Council, "New York Review of Books", Tom Shapcott, Karl Marx, Frederick Engels, Peter Beilharz, Richard Travers, Ann Galbally, Melbourne University Press, St Mary's Cathedral, Sydney, Satoshi Kinoshita, National Library, "AUST II:Australia 1986–1988"
Advances, Contents, Letters, Imprints and Contributors. 'Australian Book Review', No 251, May 2003, 1-6.