Advances, Contents, Letters, Contributors and Imprints.

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Australian Book Review
This item includes miscellaneous pieces from this issue.
Australian, Book Reviews, Publishing, Bruce Beaver, Tom Shapcott, University of Queensland Press, The Long Game and Other Poems, Adelaide, Writers' Week, Pioneer Women's Memorial Gardens, Government House, New South Wales, South Australia, Allen and Unwin, John Iremonger Award for Writing on Public Issues, Hale and Iremonger, Melbourne University Press, Miles Franklin Award, Kerryn Goldsworthy, Mildura Writers' Festival, Space: New Writing, Splatter, Salt-lick Quarterly, Overland, Michael Brennan, Clive James, Judith Pugh, Educational Textbook Subsidy Scheme, HECS, Senator Natash Stott Despoja, Griffith Review, Heat, Meanjin, Southerly, Overland, Quadrant, Laurie Hergenhan, Perth, Jenny Gregory, Regional Plan Freeway, East Perth Development, Paul Ritter, Hsu-Ming Teo, Australia's Ambivalence Towards Asia, Japan, Mahayana Buddhist, hybridity, Hideki Kizaki, Jill Joliffe, James Dunn, East Timor: A Rough Passage to Independence, Gough Whitlam, Stephen Smith, St Patrick's Church, Fremantle, Western Australia
Advances, Contents, Letters, Contributors and Imprints. 'Australian Book Review', No 260, April 2004, 1-7.