It's Now or Never. "Desert Sands, Jungle Lands" by Steve Eather. [review]

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Johnston, Mark
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Australian Book Review
Australian historians of World War II are fast running out of time. Although printed and photographic records are more accessible than ever, the number of eyewitnesses to the war’s events is dwindling. Rescuing veterans’ insights and memories from oblivion is a matter of ‘now or never’. The subject of this book, the late Major General Ken Eather, will not be forgotten. His name will always be associated with the fighting for Bardia, Lae and Kokoda. More fragile are the invaluable recollections that living veterans have of his career and personality.
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Johnston, Mark 2003. It's Now or Never. Review of "Desert Sands, Jungle Lands" by Steve Eather . 'Australian Book Review', No 254, September, 46.