Being in sync: Strategies to support centres’ retention of childcare teachers

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Jovanovic, Jessie
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The University of Auckland
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Australia’s National Quality Framework (NQF) is seeking to improve teacher qualifications and ratios to lift the quality of education that young children access (COAG, 2013). The retention of childcare teachers, however, remains a constant challenge as this work continues to be poorly paid, and its importance is frequently misunderstood (Productivity Commission, 2011). Recognising that infant and toddler wellbeing is inextricably linked to the consistency and wellbeing of the teachers who care for them, this article considers the relational factors which created team cohesion and teacher retention across four Long Day Childcare (LDC) services in South Australia. When childcare teachers are able to negotiate a common approach to their practice, they feel able to share their feelings and work in ways which are both professionally gratifying and personally fulfilling.
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Teamwork,, childcare,, teacher retention
Jovanovic, J.M. (2014). Being in sync: Strategies to support centres' retention of childcare teachers. The First Years: New Zealand Journal of Infant and Toddler Education, 16(2) pp. 32-37.